What did it mean to me to get my baby from Thembiso?

The day that we fetched our baby boy, Caleb, from House Thembiso is etched into my heart forever.   The ‘we’ that I’m referring to is me, his dad and three sisters.  Although Caleb was already 5 months old that day; it was the day that he was born to us.  And this time it would be extraordinary, because all 5 of us would take part and witness this birth.
Caleb never grew in my body, but … I was pregnant with him in every other way.  He grew in my mind, heart and soul.  Months before we received him we prayed and trusted that God would protect him in the womb; that he would be born in safe circumstances; that all his physical and emotional needs would be met until the day that we could hold him in our arms.

Our Heavenly Father was so faithful and gracefully answered all our prayers.  Caleb was safely born in a state hospital before his biological mother parted from him.   When he was 4 days old two ‘angels’ in the form of Dalene De Meyer (House-Mother of Thembiso) and her husband, fetched a tiny, little, naked baby at the hospital.  They clothed him, fed him, nurtured him, loved him and named him.

House Thembiso answered our Father’s call to share our food with the hungry and to provide the poor wandered with shelter   -when we see the naked, to clothe them.  (Is 58:7) Who fits this description better than a newborn?

To all those that work or volunteer at Thembiso, those that provide and support… You truly are servants of the most High.  You are rebuilding the ancient ruins, you are raising up the age-old foundations; you are repairers of broken walls, restorers of homes. (Is 58:12)

May you always be blessed.

With much love and appreciation,

Michelle Porter